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8th November 2014

why lifestream?

Live Event Streaming can have huge benefits for your organisation, here are our top 5 reasons to live stream your event.

Create a global Audience

Live streaming provides a platform to take your company and event to  a global audience. In an era of so much online noise live streaming can really make you stick out on the global platform.

Strengthen your online presence

Live streaming your event across your online platforms allows you to engage with both new and existing online audiences. Social media interaction can easily be incorporated into a live stream allowing audiences to tweet to the stream, interact with debates and even feature on the live stream themselves. This kind of engagement across your digital channels is invaluable and helps to strengthen your online presence.

High levels of engagement

The urgency that comes with a live event translates online leading to higher levels of engagement compared to similar on demand content. This urgency and willingness to engage can be harnessed to encourage viewers to sign up to mailing lists or generate leads.

Increased Audiences

Your audience aren’t only the people you can fit in an auditorium or a muddy field. Live streaming allows anyone with a mobile, tablet, computer or internet tv to watch and interact with your live event.

Allow audiences to define their content

Unlike broadcast or conventional on demand, live streaming allows us to create extra functionality for the viewers. The possibilities are only really limited by your imagination; for example you might want to allow viewers to change the camera angle, switch audio feed or access a vip area. The possibilities are endless.

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